A bit about me ......

I was born in beautiful North Devon, and ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a passion for writing. I was an avid reader, inspired by who else but Enid Blyton, as all little girls are. I’ve lived in North Devon all my life and feel very privileged and lucky to have done so. That’s not to say that I don’t like to travel – I often venture into Somerset!

When I was little I had all sorts of dreams, of being an air hostess (who doesn’t want to do that?!) a nurse (but fainting at the sight of an ambulance put paid to that particular career idea!)  a courier (although I was never really sure what one of those was, but it sounded glam!) I even wanted to join the navy or the air force (never the army for some reason!) Anything really which meant that I could skip double science on a Monday afternoon and head off to whichever careers talks was happening at the time.

But I always loved writing. My mother used to say that I had a very vivid imagination – especially when it came to reasons why I hadn’t done my homework, cleaned out the hamster, tidied my room, you know, that sort of thing.

I also love scriptwriting – ever since I did an exercise in a creative writing evening class I attended when we had to work in pairs and write a pantomime (it was around Christmas time) and me and my partner did ours in the style of “It’s got to be Essex” (even though that particular lovely programme wasn’t around then! I’ll post an extract sometime for you to see. It's my dream to one day write a screen adaptation of one of my favourite books.  I’m writing a short play for radio, which is almost finished. 

Despite my passion, dreams and ambition, I ended up leaving school and doing what I always vowed I wouldn’t do – work in an office! And not the kind of office you’d find David Brent in, no, just an ordinary boring old local government, civil servant type office, where I’ve stayed for the last 25 years (apart from nipping out to have 3 children!) and not in the same office, oh no, I’m not that dull, I’ve moved around a bit.

Now I’m determined though to follow my dream, get my name out there and write something! You can see some examples of my writing on my Portfolio page.

So, watch this space and if you like the style of my writing please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


Books I've loved reading.....

Veronica Henry - Love on The Rocks

Allison Pearson - I Think I Love You 

Patricia Scanlan - Francesca's Party

Joanna Trollope - Second Honeymoon

Annie Sanders - The Gap Year for Grown Ups

Jane Fallon - Getting Rid of Matthew

Bellinda Jones - The Love Academy

Alan Titchmarsh - The Last Lighthouse Keeper

Bellinda Jones - Divas Las Vegas

......... I think you get the idea of the sort of books I love reading and aspire to write......